What is HAZI HAUS?

"HAZI HAUS is the cumulation of all the emotions and experiences that fulfill me."

It is an tribute to a dear friend in my youth. To the girl who use to affectionately call me little "hasi."

From the days when my friends and I would dream of the wonderous things we would one day set off to do.

HAZI HAUS is a promise to myself.

Lexi Chang

Chang's fascination with fashion was ignited by her father, a stalwart in the Taiwan textile industry. Mesmerized by the artistry and craftsmanship of raw materials transformed into wearable art, she found herself surrounded by fabrics and creativity long before she could even thread a needle. It is here where Chang sparked her life-long love for fashion – a fondness that extends beyond mere clothing. Bold and visually striking, Chang is driven by her relentless curiosity for the human condition; the rich tapestry of emotions, experiences, and desires that define them. Chang blends her passion with her unique story and constant quest for self-discovery. Individuality is the guiding principle that shapes her vision and execution. Currently, Chang is exploring themes of unconventional objects that embody elements of juxtaposition and playing with versatile fabric manipulations. Chang's design practice is a testament to her multicultural upbringing and unwavering commitment to self-expression and connection – to share stories and break down barriers. Dedicated to innovative design through thoughtful experimentation, Chang is enamored with creating interesting garments from shapes and forms in the natural world. Drawing from diverse influences, Chang invites us to see the world differently and to embrace our heritage while daring to challenge the status quo.