Vancouver Fashion Show Fall | Winter 2024

Designed in Canada | Created in Taiwan

Inner Child Ambrosia

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Fall | Winter Collection 2024

HAZI HAUS presents

Inner Child Ambrosia

HAZI HAUS, crafted in Taiwan, designed in Canada, introduces its first Women’s Ready-to-Wear collection at Vancouver Fashion Week for F/W 2024 Season in April. HAZI HAUS is feminine street couture. Our design practice accentuates the female form in traditionally exaggerated masculine silhouettes and frees ourselves from the conventional box we are placed in. It is luxury streetwear that maintains the rawness of self-expression and empowerment. We are inspired by organic shapes and artificial forms of the world around us to connect moments, stories, and plainly, people. Fashion, to us, is a catalyst for new ideas and perspectives, with HAZI HAUS embodying the curious spectrum of human emotions.

Welcome to the collection “Inner Child Ambrosia”, where the head designer of HAZI HAUS, Lexi Chang, presents an ode to her younger self. It is a coming-of-age narrative that hones in on the phenomenon of adulthood. There is a whimsy in adolescence that contrasts with the somber monochromatic palette of maturity— the lack of color depicts the sense of loss in the age of responsibility. However, upon a second glance, you notice the subtleness, the vivid fabric manipulations, and the vibrant material curation. Then the realization occurs, the color is in the details— the soft angular silhouettes, and the delicate feminine features that draw the eyes of the watcher. It takes all but a moment to appreciate the fleeting and fluttering. HAZI HAUS asks to look beyond the surface and begs to dive deeper. To pause and introspect. It is a quiet luxury that teases the elements of the natural world, connecting high-sheen liquid-like satin, metallic fibers, and raw rugged denim. It is the intersection of everything. It is watching the craftsmanship of her father working with raw textiles in her youth. Ultimately, it is the recognition that everything plays a role in manifesting the present.

The collection name “Inner Child Ambrosia'' signifies the substance for the healing self, and highlights the intricacy of girlhood that continues to speak in the direction of today. In reference to the ancient Greeks, ambrosia is said to be the divine food for the gods. It is connected to the idea of immortality and longevity. In this collection, this concept parallels the longing for youth and the days of yesteryear. In a similar vein, HAZI HAUS demonstrates there is divinity in self and explores the powerful depth in antiquity. Furthermore, in reflection, in the clothing we wear, and the fabrics that precede self-expression. Fashion, to Chang of HAZI HAUS, is living and transitioning into adulthood, is expression and artistry, is history and understanding her heritage, and is a story where her inner child is ready to speak.